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30 km/h makes sense for our streets

It’s heartening to see Sarah Doucette, Toronto’s Ward 13 Councillor, aiming to reduce traffic carnage on residential streets by taking the simple yet powerful step of reducing the speed limit. Her proposal, which will go to council tomorrow, is to implement 30 km/h as the residential default. If successful, this would entail a slight but significant westward expansion of the unanimous June 2015 decision to implement 30 km/h speed limits in twelve other Toronto wards. Doucette’s endeavour is endorsed by hundreds of letters of support and by many local community organizations. (For details see Section EY15.61 here.)  Continue reading

London Bound

Just under two weeks ago I launched this web site, and the Twitter feed that now has 75 followers. As indicated here, the idea of Love 30 Canada is to formally extend the phenomenally successful 20’s Plenty for Us campaign to North America. To that end I’ll be spending a day or two in London next week with some key advocates for 20 mph speed limits. The point of the trip is some unrelated business, but I couldn’t resist staying on at my despite the considerable expense. Continue reading

Introducing Love 30 Canada

A Little Background

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In the fall of 2013 I launched Slow Ottawa, a guide to sustainable urban living. This included a main site, a Twitter feed and a series of Pinterest boards that were largely devoted to images of sustainable infrastructure including complete streets, bikeways and even safe junctions. Those boards now have 9.6K followers, and last month they received more than 500K visitors. Continue reading