We’re grateful for any money you can donate to sustain the national campaign, which will in turn benefit every local campaign. You will also be helping our sister site, Vision Zero Canada, campaigning for safe systems that will eliminate traffic violence in Canada.

What You’ll Get
How to Donate

What You’ll Get

♥  A donation of $30 will get you your choice of three Love 30 bumper, bike and bin stickers delivered to your door within two weeks. (After making your secure donation you will be contacted by email, to confirm sticker selection and mailing address.) PLUS I will be happy to list you list you on the Sponsors Page with a link to the site of your choice, through December 2017. If you donate I’ll be in touch to ask which if these stickers you’d prefer. 13 cm (5¼”) pen indicates scale in the photographs below, which show the designs available while supplies last.



NEW (30-8):


♥  For a $90 donation you’ll get six additional stickers AND a name with link nearer the top of the Sponsors Page.

A donation of $150 or more will buy you all that PLUS a banner of your choice on the sponsors page, through December 2017, PLUS social media love via the Love 30 and Vision Zero Canada sites.

 A donation of $300 or more will buy you all that PLUS a banner on the 30 Love Canada main page, through December 2017, PLUS other things. So let’s talk!


How to Donate

Please click here to donate via PayPal. This is a secure process, and the green padlock in your URL (in most browsers) means that Love 30 Canada is a fully encrypted site, giving all your information an added level of protection.

Because Love 30 / Vision Zero Canada devotes more than 10% of activities toward advocacy site we cannot provide tax receipts. Individual and corporate donors who wish to be publicly acknowledged will be gratefully acknowledged on the sponsors page —along with a link to the site of your choice.

Every little bit helps, so thank you for helping minimize devastating deaths and injuries, preserving the environment, and making our neighbourhoods more livable.