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Web Resources

For campaigning basics go here.

Launched in June 2016, The Love 30 Canada campaign will build on the phenomenal success of the 20’s Plenty for Us campaign, advocating for 20 mph limits in communities throughout the UK. Founded by Rod King MBE in 2007, that campaign has since spread to more than 300 communities, so there’s a wealth of experience and a lively network to draw on. Obviously there are differences in the Canadian context, including vagaries of provincial and municipal regulation, and the fact that far more of our roads were built for motor vehicles in the first place.

The next step for this Web Resources page, pending your support, will be to provide a guide to regulations and advocacy in different parts of the country, along with a custom map and discussion forum. In the meantime please visit the 20’s Plenty for Us web resources. These are currently transitioning from the legacy web site to the current site, so it may take some digging to get a full picture. The briefing sheets on many topics (here and here) are of particular value. You can also read press releases here and here. Continue down this page for some quick introductions.

For a brief overview of the benefits of 30 km/h limits see this terrific article by Michel Grignon, Director of the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis at McMaster University.


Video Overviews (20s Plenty for Us)

For a quick overview here’s a terrific 6-minute StreetFilms overview of the 20’s Plenty for Us project:

For a more detailed introduction listen to this interview with founder Rod King on the Middle Way Society podcast: