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Campaigning in Your Community


Campaigning in Your Community

Would you like to live on a quieter, safer street? Maybe you’d like your kids can get safely to school under their own steam. Or maybe you’d like to walk around yourself without risking life and limb.

Maybe  it’s time to set up a Love 30 campaign in your community.

We can work together on

  • organizing door-to-door safe speeds campaigns
  • preparing briefings and letters to councillors
  • soliciting help from local community groups and businesses
  • producing press releases/media quotes, petitions, posters, stickers

Whatever helps get the word out, and get the speeds under control, in your neighbourhood.

A good deal of free support can can be found on the 20s Plenty for Us site, which is exclusively devoted to 20 mph (30 km/h) limits in places where people live. And now there are some great Canadian resources for reclaiming safe residential streets.

UntitledIn 2016 the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) and partnering institutions released great online advocacy tools including:

There is also a great overview of research supporting safe30 km/h limits.

Since Love 30 Canada is a grassroots organisation, the most important goal of this site is to give help you get started with your local campaign. Here, too, the idea is to build on the success of the 20s Plenty for Us campaign, which includes a campaigner discussion group where you can swap information with like-minded people.



If you’re with the media and want any information on the subject of setting speed limits, and setting 30 km/h speed limits in particular, we would be pleased to help. Please visit the contact page for assistance, and go here to read, watch and listen to media appearances on road safety measures including 30 km/h speed limits by Love 30 Canada ED Graham Larkin.